KINGSIZE HAMMOCK CHAIR - SAMBA - Weather-Resistant Hammock Chair with Spruce Wood Stand

Finally an extra-large outdoor hammock chair that’s beautiful, durable and comfortable ready to hang out all summer long!


Our unique wood base has a special curved design that provides stability and has a strap with snap hook to precisely adjust height for optimal freedom of movement.

  • With a fabric surface of 6' 10" in length, Kingsize Hammock Chairs offer maximum seating and reclining comfort.
  • The seat height can be adjusted as needed and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Made of weatherproof, fast-drying Outdoor-fibre resistant to mold-, mildew- and UV-damage
  • Reinforced edges make the material extremely tear-resistant
  • Machine washable. 
  • The large number of suspension cords which ensure optimal weight distribution and therefore comfort and longevity
  • The integrated safety swivel guarantees safe 360° rotation.
  • The spreader bar made from high-quality bamboo is not just a visual highlight, but also particularly robust and weatherproof.
  • Naturally, the wood comes from responsibly managed forests. (FSC™)

Handcrafted in Colombia

A centuries-old design with a modern twist: we believe in improving hammock products, not culturally appropriating them. Hammocks are a cultural asset that reflect the spirit and diversity of Colombia—and we aim to keep it that way.



Durable & Weatherproof

Our weatherproof fabric was specially designed for the particular requirements of outdoor hammocks. It is easy to maintain, quick-drying and weather-resistant. It’s mold-, mildew- and UV-damage resistant—plus the material is recyclable and can be re-used!



Comfort Hammock Chair

With a fabric surface of 6' 10" in length, Kingsize Hammock Chairs offer maximum seating and reclining comfort.



Spreader bar made of bamboo

High-quality bamboo: particularly robust and attractive. Thanks to its production in high-quality plate technology,it is exceptionally weatherproof and has a pleasantly smooth surface.



Tearproof selvage

By doubling the weft threads, the selvage is reinforced, making it exceptionally tearproof.



Integrated 360° safety swivel

Due to a special, integrated safety swivel you can turn your chair in every direction and to every degree without over-winding the suspension cords.



Certified wood from responsible forestry

The international certification system of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC™) guarantees that the respective wood is sourced from ecologically and socially sustainable forestry.

FSC™-Licence Code: CO12427