About Us


Our company started in 2000 in Milan, Italy as a distributor specialized in purveying hand painted volcanic stone tables and other fine outdoor furnishings for the North American market. With help of the keen eye of designers and architects in addition to the vision of sophisticated property owners, over the last two decades we have furnished renowned patios throughout the US, Canada and the Caribbean. Some of our furniture can be found at luxury hotels such as The Breakers in West Palm Beach, The Biltmore in Santa Barbara, Waldorf Astorias as well as public venues such as The Grand Old Opry, New York’s Grand Central Station, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and Victoria Island’s Butchart Gardens.


These clients were searching for quality, craftsmanship and durability where the simplicity of Italian style was paramount. But most importantly our customers required good service. Our interior design partners started to specify our outdoor furnishings for discerning residential settings. Again the common denominator was the demand for a durable and functional product with and Italian practical design.


We created VillaAndGarden.com to give homeowners the same access to the functional, practical and beautiful furnishings they have enjoyed while dining al fresco on Europe and America’s top patios. All of our products are sourced from the original creator or inventor of the article, taking great care in offering a stylish, durable and safe product that is not manufactured in huge lots in low cost manufacturing settings.

We take great pride in every single product offered on VillaAndGarden.com.


We donate 2% of our profit to Scouting BSA (formally Boy Scouts of America) in the form of National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) scholarships that help develop the leaders of the future.