Domiziani Volcanic Stone - Modern

Our beautiful volcanic lava stone tables are hand-crafted in Deruta, Italy. These MODERN contemporary tabletops with their splashes of color are the creation of the renown Italian ceramic artist maestro Roberto Domiziani. Each table is unique not only in the strokes of the artisan’s paintbrush but also in the very nature of the materials used to create these works of art. Each table is a masterpiece of heirloom quality and no two are alike.

The entirely hand painted ceramic glaze on these Lava Stone Tables is kiln fired directly onto the surface of the solid slab of stone, thus sealing the tabletop and rendering it freeze-resistant, fade-resistant and extremely and easy to clean.

The heavy volcanic stone tabletops are available in numerous shapes and sizes and rest firmly on the included hand-forged and weather-proofed wrought-iron bases.

These Domiziani tables are truly one of a kind.

About Volcanic Stone Tables

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