Cornilleau 500M Outdoor Table Tennis Table Set


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A titan of a table for full-on rallies : with the 500M Crossover, you'll be striving for excellence. This table has the power to make your neighbors jealous, as the care that goes into each and every detail is palpable. With its sturdy, aesthetic outline, it has been designed for intensive practice. A look, a challenge, the confrontations are unavoidably merciless ! A duel in the sunshine begins in what is a truly unique playing experience. Ultimately, friendships are built and further strengthened once the game is over.  Set includes table, cover, and set of 2 bats.




ADJUSTABLE NET  This dual system means your net will always be perfectly adjusted – in terms of height and tension.


BALL DISPENSERS  Placed alongside the player, these dispensers are extremely practical, meaning balls are always within easy reach.


CORNER PROTECTION PADS  Protection on each corner of the table to guarantee maximum safety for your children.


MADE IN FRANCE  Product designed, developed and manufactured in France


RETRACTABLE NET  The net swivels automatically between the two panels when you close the table, further optimizing storage space and providing better safety when stored.


STABILITY  The legs are reinforced with a steel insert. With a wide pad, leg height can be adjusted to ensure optimum levelness.


STORAGE  Specific bats storage placed on both side of the table to store 4 bats and 8 balls.


WHEELS WITH BRAKES  Brakes provide great stability for even better playing comfort, providing additional safety when the table is in storage.


OVERSIZE DOUBLE WHEELS The diameter (200mm) of our new Oversize twin wheels, combined with their ultra-robust design, offer unique clearance, manoeuvrability and flexibility.


CROSSING HANDLE  This crossing handle lets you easily lift the table to avoid obstacles (step, edge of a terrace, doorway…).


HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS  Cornilleau has been a pioneer in "outdoor" tables for the garden. They are designed with anti-corrosion materials ensuring resistance to bad weather.