Cornilleau 250S Table Tennis Table Set

Cornilleau 250S Table Tennis Table Set

With equipment designed to appeal to every user, the 250S Crossover is excellent value for money. the rain, snow, frost and sunshine will have ni influence over this table, which enables you to play matches in any weather, anytime. You can score your first points in excellent conditions and make fast progress in readiness to take on the entire family !  Set includes table, cover, and 4 bats.


High quality materials

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS Cornilleau has been a pioneer in "outdoor" tables for the garden. They are designed with anti-corrosion materials ensuring resistance to bad weather.

Adjustable net

ADJUSTABLE NET  A system for adjusting the tension is provided on the net posts.



Made in France

MADE IN FRANCE  Product designed, developed and manufactured in France

Oversize double wheels

OVERSIZE DOUBLE WHEELS  The diameter (200mm) of our new Oversize twin wheels, combined with their ultra-robust design, offer unique clearance, maneuverability and flexibility.


STABILITY  Large feets are in resin with adjustable leg pads.


STORAGE  Specific bats storage placed on both side of the table to store 4 bats and 8 balls.

Wheels with brakes